This is my submission for this weekend’s Vimeo/SoundCloud Weekend Project. The task was to feature Vanchy’s "Catching The Simple But Happy Days (Electronica road song)" in your video in some way and you had to produce the video this weekend. I decided to wander around Sydney city and gather peoples' reactions to the song.

Shot on Friday, and edited on Saturday and Sunday. Equipment: 550D, the song on my iphone, and a cheap pair of headphones. Edited in fcp, with a strobe effect added in Apple Motion (for kicks!)

Inspired of course by music videos like Cake’s ‘Short Skirt, Long Jacket’ but with a different feel to fit the music.

A big thank you to the locals and tourists of Sydney, Australia for being involved. It was so much fun to do and I met a lot of lovely, interesting people as you will see in the video. Cheers and enjoy :)


UPDATE: Just found out that this video got runner-up in the Vimeo Weekend Project. Wow! How lovely and unexpected. A thousand thanks again to the awesome people who participated in the video, you're all stars. Thanks also to Vimeo for dreaming up such a fun comp, and to Vanchy who was the inspiration for the comp! You can download and listen to his tunes at

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