Music by Myskox ¤ :

The short saga of how i built my little house two years ago, ( 2008 ) with no money and in two months.
in skattungbyn, south norrland, scandinavia.

I spent the two best years of my life there. ;)

it's by no means perfect construction, as there was humidity problems in springtime ( should have dug a ditch in the back ofcourse ) .
But the amazing part is it never went below freezing! So even when it was -30 outside, I could just come home at night and go to bed, and even heat it by my body to +7 by the morning.. and then came the sun ¤ ;D

i have new ideas for my next house, which will be mobile, kind of a wooden yurt, with big windows facing south, and thick walls insulated with sheep-wool.
it will also be a free construction. - coming up some time ;)

ps. the wagons belong to my beautiful friends


piz bretheren ¤ what ever we dare dream - we shall manifest!

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