Ruth (Simon) Heinemann recounts her family's experience preceding, during and after the Holocaust. It's a story of courage, love, sacrifice, survival and honor. Unfortunately, its also one of discrimination, antisemitism, deceit and genocide.

Shortly after her father is arrested on Kristallnacht on November 9th, 1938, Ruth, 13, and her younger sister, Hilde, 11, find themselves on a train bound for Holland via Hamburg. This was the first leg of their journey to England on something known as the Kindertransport.

They became part of a mission that saved 10,000 Jewish children when they were sent to England for safe keeping by their loved ones during the Holocaust. What happens to the rest of their family as they find themselves on the ill fated ship, the St. Louis, bound for Havana, Cuba is tragic and heartbreaking.

This true story is told in German by Ruth and was filmed by her two grandsons David and Dan Berman in her home in Florida in January, 2011.

The story begins in Germany and takes us to England,
Holland, United States and to Poland where half the family is murdered in the concentration camp, Sorbibor.

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