London is the largest urban zone in the European Union by most measures. A leading global city with a diverse range of people, cultures and religions. More than 300 languages are spoken within its boundaries. A city that lives.
London is Funky!

This is a full London timelapse sequence, shot in early December 2010, and re-edited in 2014, in an attempt to draw a Christmas Cityscape.


Copyright © 2014, All rights reserved.

Short teaser here:

Soundtrack “Funky Rullz” by Minasuev Vladislav is provided by BJIaducJIaB /

Intro “New School Countdown Grungey” by SnowmanDigital

Sound effects from the Free Sound Project
The following effects are licenced under Creative Commons Attribution licence
- places_with_echo.wav by sinatra314
- London underground 06 train arriving.wav by WIM
- Cheap Electric Typewriter Chatter + Quiet Bell.wav by lonemonk
- przelot.wav by laffik
- Bus Road Noise by rayprice
- london bus approaches & leaves.wav by icmusic
- pedestrian zone (Knez-Mihajlova street).aif by Tomlija
- crossroad Jukova st. - Dumskaya st. (Omsk).wav by Zabuhailo
- ice skating.WAV by inchadney
- LondonRadio.wav by dangerbabe
- Crow in Hyde park.wav by E330
- Opera Street Performer London.wav by Motion_S
- pigeon.wings.00.WAV by dobroide
- London underground 04 keep your belongings.wav by WIM
- Stand Clear Of Doors Train Announcement.wav by Motion_S
- Early Morning on Yaquina Bay.mp3 by daveincamas
- portobetter.mp3 by barredowl
- Escalator, looped by sittstav
- Big Ben at 6.wav by Noise Cuisine
- fountain1.wav by reinsamba
- London Underground by GaryEdstrom

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