Story Based on True Events ..

A 9 year boy discover a secret while doing test shots of his new unboxed phone ..


*** 3rd Price at Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2011 - Emirates Competition Film

**Official Competition at Gulf Film Festival 2011


Very First iPhone Film made worldwide as well as in UAE.

Award winner short film made by myself with very short budget and limited cast all in one day at my parents home.
I made this short not because of lacking of any equipment or anything else, it was just an idea to be filmed by iPhone. Since i believe iPhone is great devices become more and more useful for creatives and artists who look to photograph or even film making on the go.
I get inspire by vimeo's community all the time, particularly for this movie got inspired by Korean well known director Chan-Wook who made feature film with iPhone in past Jan, just a week before i discuss my interests with my friend film maker Ahmed Zain to give me an idea to shoot!

What you watch it might not be great movie but its been successful experience to me by getting my hand on something fun without expecting huge budget or any camera to shoot. Today you can utilize any camera in your hand specialy smart phones, to me iPhone is best phone, camera i ever had or imagine!

Please help to spread the making of this short with peoples you like and share the inspiration with other younger filmmakers there who just need to watch and inspire!

You can find more about this experience our my personal blog

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