This is just a basic overview of the sounds I used and the plugins / editing techniques I used to get them. There will be a detailed explanation on my blog, found here:

Track 1 - Crowd w/ Renn EQ

Track 2 - Crowd Reversed, Renn EQ

Track 3 - Dry Ice through TCE, Sound Shift Pro, Renn Compress, Renn EQ

Track 4 - Duplicate of 3 (After TCE, before processing). Used the Audio Suite version of SoundShifter to map out a frequency ramp. Low Pass (Renn EQ), then L3-LL.

Tracks 5/6/7 - 3 Tracks of Car Revs / Bys. Mostly editing, some Renn EQ and SoundShifter to get some different sounds for the engine sounds at the beginning.

Track 8/9 - Checkerborded Camera bulbs - C4 / Q10

Track 10 - Rock Hits - Linear Phase EQ

Track 11 - Puma Growl - Linear Phase EQ

Track 12 - Heartbeats - Ren EQ, SoundShifter, L3-LL

Track 13 - Breath - As-is, no plugins

Track 14 - Breath again - I found a really cool high-pitched ringing sound in the "Whoosh Female Breath" file. I isolated it perfectly using the Linear Phase EQ, then looped it to make a kind of ear ringing sound.

Tracks 15/16/17 - Glass breaking - Reversed and stretched, doubler on one track. Lots of panning.

Track 18 - Dragster - just used the doubler to thicken it

Track 19 - Canon - Soundshift, Linear Phase EQ, L3-LL

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