Rapper Salesman Mr.Watanabe by Kim Kyung-Hoon

“Extraordinary, unique, outstanding….”

These words often promise an interesting news story and also they might guarantee success in someone’s job.

Mr. Watanabe, who I happened to find on the street, is an example of these words.

He is a sales clerk in an eyeglass company which has about 2,000 employees and his job is to sell eyeglasses to customers in a shop in one of the busiest shopping districts in Tokyo.
His attire is not unique and more like a typical sales person in Japan. His black horn-rimmed glasses and dark-toned suits would remind you of a picture in a company poster of the most diligent employee of the year.

Contrary to his ordinary appearance, he sings rap songs while on duty.

Even though he performs rap in front of his shop with eyeglass racks instead of on a busy stage with lurid background, his rap is enough to attract shoppers’ attention.

And his self-written lyrics below are sales tools to attract patrons who want to look for eyeglasses and potential customers who will remember him and visit the shop later when they need to.

“You just look around.
But you are still be welcome.
It's a sale now.
Big bargain, New products.
We give you a special price......."

The reason he adopted rap as a sales tool was very simple but singing rap was initially challenging to him.

Four years ago, his manager suggested that Watanabe do something different to increase sales. His idea of performing rap was conceived when he happened to go to a karaoke bar with his colleague.

When he listened to his colleague sing a song with improvised lyrics, it struck him that he could adapt this into a new sales method.

Even though he didn’t have any musical background or experience, he was challenged to try singing rap – without any practice at all! And, amazingly this paid off!

His shop’s sales jumped rapidly immediately after he started singing rap and his company gave him the new job title of PR expert. He was invited to other shops to help increase sales with his new-found talents.

Now four years have passed but his company keeps encouraging him to sing rap to increase sales because it has proven to be a good tool to promote the company’s brand image. He has become a famous figure on the street and his biggest reward is the recognition from customers and grateful shop owners.

Be different, be extraordinary, be creative!
That will guarantee success in your job and bring you satisfaction!

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