Filmed in the clock tower of Leeds Town Hall, The Blind Club and Hunting Bears lifted their respective gear up 337 steps up to the top of the tower.

Surrounded by the ticking mechanisms, the cogs and the wheels, we started the sessions as the bells turned over the hour

The walk up the stairs was worth it. Everything was set, hearts had been raced and then settled. We were in synch. We were ready.

This song has been haunting our office for the last few weeks. And as our office has been the entirety of Europe as we've been shooting a film, I've noticed James humming the tune in different countries across the Mediterranean, or in the Albanian mountains, or the sunrises of Slovenia. It haunts us. It's beautiful

The sound recording was captured by our friends Adam Wilks and Justin Woodward at ARW Productions Leeds.

Massive thanks are extended to Leeds City Council and the wonder that is Light Night's James Hill. Thank you!

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