"Climate Challenge" host Karyn Strickler interviews Matthew Roney with the Earth Policy Institute. Matthew discusses his boss, Lester Brown's new book, "World on the Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse."

The following description of "World on the Edge" is from Radio Free Europe:

""It's the food, stupid."

That's essentially the message of "World On The Edge," a new report by Lester Brown, head of the Earth Policy Institute and one of "Foreign Policy" magazine's 100 leading global thinkers. Feeding a growing global population on a finite planet is a problem whose time has come.

Brown argues that pressures on the environment -- from climate change to soil erosion to deforestation and declining water resources -- are rapidly combining to create a "perfect storm" that could result in massive disruptions in food supply, the collapse of the current economic structure, widespread unrest, and worse.

And the clock is ticking. Brown rejects the idea that we have until, say, 2050 to get things on the right track. "World On The Edge" (which is available free on line) is a shrill call for action by 2020."

Get your free copy of "World on the Edge" here:


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