Premier: 28. October 2010, Studio Tanca,
Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
Concept and choreography Tomáš Danielis
Music: Martin Turčan alias Toni Granko
Design: Katarína Holková
Dance: Denisa Benčaťová, Lucia Horváthová, Petra Péterová, Lenka Rajchmanová, Tibor Trulík

My interest as choreographer is in perceiving dance as a visual art and possibilities of its communication with audience. Working with composition - creating "liquid pictures" and broad range of movement vocabulary I try to supress first emotions and thus open channel for communication through the associations offered in these pictures. Thanks to them every single audience member can interpret them according his own life experiences.
Its not my interest to interpret dance for audience or asign any kind of dramatical function then one dance naturally has.
This piece was comissioned as DANCE PIECE, by Studio Tanca Banska Bystrica.

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