image quality is admittedly horrendous -- another experiment yields a little more information:

tripod shots used a Nikon AF-S Zoom Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8D ED-IF AF lens, with no stabilization. this lens maximally widened yields quite a lot of curvature at the edge of the frame, plainly visible at horizon over for example the water clip.

I had set Picture Control to Landscape with roughly an 8 for sharpening, and i think saturation jacked up a notch. encoding at 3000kbits, a huge gap between viewability of resultant QT file and original in edit timeline. Not whingeing, just acknowledging i have no idea how to get where I would like to be.

The struggle remains to end with a nice quality landscape video segment. It really has become all fuzz, case in point the red berries, totally mashed.

Frequently did not lock Auto Exposure, though there were large variances in the woods, because I did not feel like segmenting the shot.

Traffic's version of the English paganalia follows Wolfmother intro

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