Presenting the combined NYCCC/Sinovision version presentation of the Clapping Hands Chinese New Year Show performance at the
New York Metropolitan Museum of Art
from Saturday February 5th 2011

...We utilized the excellent video taken by Vincent Chan with synchronized and strategically placed footage from the Sinovision Television News Report
of this event to create unique perspective and add additional interest to our combined presentation of
Clapping Hands @ 'The Met'

Vincent's video footage is remarkable especially when understanding what he had to work with/around -
He was very close to the performers, hemmed in by an enthusiastic crowd and with almost no room to move -He also had to contend with Museum 'Regs' --

The experience he has shooting video in the crowded, active and tight spaces at NYCCC seems to have been the perfect training and preparation -
The final result merits being respectfully and duly noted as 'SinoVincent' or' Chanovision' or 'VincentVision'

The integration and combination of notables such as
The NY Metropolitan Art Museum, NYCCC, Sinovision, NYCCC's Teachers and Performers, and
Videographer Vincent Chan has provided us with
Clapping Hands@ 'The Met' ,
a work of art, a masterpiece of it's own standing and merit. Enjoy!

2011 by nyccc/vctbs/djcim
Video: Vincent Chan
Video/News Report: Sinovision
Combine/Production/Edit: Dominick Castaldo
uploaded on behalf of NYCCC by Dejak Nikas

NOTE uploaded in SD because Edius Neo does not have MPEG HD Render settings less than 15 mil avg bps -needed abt 13.5 mil to get file under the 500MB vimeo limit

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