The final work created for the Yoshikaze Residency involves a live mixed reality performance before an audience in Second Life, in Umeå Sweden and streamed on the web.

An enclosed stage was constructed for the performance. This was populated with a set consisting of a green house, silhouettes of 'real' people and props of reclaimed and reworked Second Life marketplace items. Behind the house through the trees a live vista of a mountain range (the Rockies) can be seen. Next to the house is a floating Second Life client window.

During the performance, props within the space and client windows which appear and float through the space are timed to change colour periodically. My representations movements and direction of gaze is choreographed by a controller software external to Second Life and it is this gaze that is broadcast live to the Second Life client window. The audience simultaneously see the performers representation and through its point of view as my representation moves through the space panning, tilting and zooming.

The live broadcast however is manipulated. Green within the imagery has been keyed out and replaced by a video of the artist from the 'real' world. As my representation moves around the space, my photographic representation moves around its surfaces as they change to green, flattening the 'virtual' world, looking through its very window into another and breaking its stylised illusion. Sound heard is the artists heart beat from an ultrasound monitor reworked in a number of ways. Image and sound links the constructed space to the artist.

While the space of the performance as a whole exists as a combination of 'real' place, constructed 'virtual' representations of place(s) and physical personal data directly experienced by all present, the client window displays a unique vision of a multi-layered hybrid space, an inner 'virtual' world replete with representations, seen only first hand by my representation.

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