With the 'well being' agenda of the new government becoming a controversial topic, this session looks at whether it is possible to measure happiness, and what it says about our society that the well being of the nation is now a concern. Richard Wiseman, Frank Furedi and Nic Marks argue from different viewpoints whether self-help can play a role in making our nation happier and question whether it is in fact part of the problem.

Chaired by Oliver Burkeman

Richard Wiseman is a Professor at the University of Hertfordshire and his focus of research relates to unusual areas of Psychology. He is the author of several books including 'Quirkology', '59 Seconds' and 'The Luck Factor'.

Frank Furedi is Professor of Sociology at The University of Kent, and author of Therapy Culture, Paranoid Parenting and Culture of Fear.

Nic Marks is a 'well-being' researcher and founded the Centre for Well-being at The New Economics Foundation

The School of Life Self-Help Summit took place on Saturday 15 January 2011 at the Town Hall Hotel, Bethnal Green, London

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