Ira Atari is back! After her smashing EP “Just Fu**in Dance It” she now releases her debut album “Shift” - written and produced by Ira Atari and Frittenbude’s mastermind Ja!kob.
„Don’t Wanna Miss You“ is a mixture of pop and soul that once again shows Ira Atari’s skills at mastering the balancing act between club and songwriting, soul and dance. Indeed, she evokes memories of the grand classic disco divas such as Donna Summer und Gloria Gaynor, transposed to contemporary sound and party standards of course.
But still, Ira Atari primarily remains a songwriter who personally relates to every one of her songs. “Don’t Wanna Miss You” is about a feeling we all know – the in-betweenness after a breakup, the bittersweet taste of freedom with loss being it’s downside.
Sounds gloomy and not at all like Audiolith? Dear folks, be aware that Ira Atari has of course overcome this feeling, but more on that later. For now just sing and dance your sorrows away with “Don’t Wanna Miss You”. That’s always better than demonstrative moping (which probably wouldn’t be Audiolith style anyway).

Shot by: Henna Peschel
Releasedate: Shift Album 18.03.2010 via Audiolith

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