A short film made of clips from a recent dive trip in Egypt. Shot using the Panasonic -sd-700 camera.
The IO or interocular distance was 60mm on most shot, whilst some was up to 90mm.
The closeups were shot using 2 Sony TG3. The IO was 30mm.
I edited the film using 3d toolbox LE. The software can been seen at dashwood3d.com.
The light option has limitations, but is a great package for first time 3d projects. The Full version offers the editor more control on the clips.
Many thanks to blueeyefx.com for the help of all of the filming in Sharm El Sheikh. More films to come this spring & summer.
You can visit my website at underwaterimages.co.uk
You must were anaglyph glasses to get the 3d effect properly. ( red & cyan glasses) Enjoy.

There is a short side by side clip here if you want to see

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