Music video for "Catching The Simple But Happy Days" by Vanchy. The video is part of the Weekend Project - SoundCloud Inspiration contest.

Concept, filming and editing by Vanchy.

I shot this video in October 2010 and finally edited over the past weekend. Thought it was a great moment to share my vision as songwriter and visual designer with all the competitors and community.


This is a song inspired during my teenage years and road trips with my best friend from school. Comes from an innocent time, a time where you are discovering the world, happy times where nothing else
matters than the moment. There is also a wonderful solitude associated with this which I experienced without fear. The mirrored effect represents our new eyes and how we see the new world amazed again in a kind of trippy wonderful way.


I would like to thank everybody for such amazing videos and to Vimeo and Soundccloud for this great opportunity. I can't tell you how much fun I had watching the clips.

Bravo and kudos to everybody!!!


Download my music at


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