A simulated galaxy that has a mass of 10^{12} Solar Masses forming at a redshift of z=2 (which corresponds to approximately 10 billion years ago).

The colour scheme is the column density distribution of neutral hydrogen (ie how much hydrogen is visible in that direction).
Typical detection limits for the ASKAP surveys are 10^{18) [cm^-2] for the deep survey, DINGO, and 10^{19} [cm^-2] for the all sky survey, WALLABY (Green and Yellow in this video, respectively.)

Therefore, a number of the filaments and accreting clumps of neutral hydrogen should be detectable by ASKAP, an exciting result!

The box is 2 Mpc (a parsec is about 3 light years, so a megaparsec is about 3000 light years) across. This galaxy is within a larger cosmological simulation known as OWLS, we are seeing only 0.05% of the entire volume of the simulated Universe.

Created by Dr Alan Duffy - International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research.

See a version of this simulation with colour scale at: vimeo.com/20547594

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