This is just a video showing the Motorized system I build for my Igus Slider.

I saw a few different ideas that I liked but I just wanted a super simple version. So I used a string.... Can't get much simpler that that. The continues rotation servo has a spool on it and it simply winds up the string. Not quite as convenient as a belt driven design because it cant really go in reverse but hey I'm not complaining. If anything I can reset the carriage faster by hand then a belt can... Anyone can build this too. The belt drive design takes a little more work to get running but it is a little nicer.

I think eventually I just end up getting one of the really nice ones once I save up some money but first I just wanted to see if Id really use something like this and if its worth all that money.

Oh yeah And I did this with Zero modification to the slider itself. I mounted the servo to a aluminum plate then mounted the plate to the slider using the hole that was already drilled.

The consensus?.... Im going to need some money :D


Since a few people have been asking how I did this I decided to do a parts list.

Ok for the servo there are a few different places you can order from.

I got mine from here.

You could try here:

or here

But, someone said this one will only do 3 revolutions even thought it says "Continuous revolution". You could always send it back.

I got this riser to get the spool to the right hight.

And Here is the spool I got:

For the Servo Controller there are also a few places you can get them.

I got mine from Here:

But theres also Here:

and Here:

I know for a fact that mine is reversible. Im not sure about the other two.

And to power it I got this.

its very inexpensive, it uses AA's so its cheap, quick, and easy to replace the batteries. It also has a switch built in so thats your on and off.

You need the 4 cell version because the servos run of 6 volts.

4 cells X 1.5 volts (per AA battery) = 6 volts.

I think you might be able to get away with 7.2 volts but rather then risking burning out the servo I just stuck with 6v for reliability.

You also can get rechargeable battery packs from Here:
But you also would need a changer.

To wire it all up I got a few of the futuba versions of these:

and these:

and for the cable running from the controller to the servo I got one of these:
I got the super duty version because I thought this would take the most abuse.

Any questions please ask!

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