Directed by Maximilien Van Aertryck & Vincent Bitaud
footage from "the viking line" (working title), upcoming documentary by Maximilien Van Aertryck with an original soundtrack by Geste.

“Eating Concrete” is the long awaited follow-up EP by Geste to his successful “Jaw Breaker” debut on Equinox Records in december 2008. On this new 5 track epos, the Parisian producer did again what he is best at: creating electronic music that grabs you by the hair and makes you spin in all directions!

The title track “Eating Concrete“, replete with supercharged keyboards, intricate arrangement thrilling drums and percussion, is hyperactive and generous at the same time – twisting up soundscapes for the listeners.

Then, with no time to catch breath, the second main track “Slag It Up” gets even heavier. The song is like a short film where the listener finds themself thrust into the heart of a frantic chase. The only thing to do: run fast, very fast!

Next, Geste allows himself to slow down on “Lava Lava Loca“, a peaceful tune paving the way to the final sprint: “Run Before The Flood“, another high energy electro tune that keeps the tension running till the very end of the EP.

However you take in this release, Geste proves once more that his sound is possibly one of the most unique styles to come out of electronic music in the past few years. Trying to describe it will, most times, leave you short of words. The German magazine Goon simply called it “electronic music for all head bangers” and De-Bug noticed the songs’ “exuberant terror flair” that “almost makes you weep for joy…“. What would be your description?

The release is out on March 25th as digital release and as a beautiful 12″ with picture sleeve.


(01) Eating Concrete
(02) Ladderz (Extended Version)

(02) Slag It Up !
(04) Lava Loca Lava


(01) Ladderz
(02) Eating Concrete
(03) Slag It Up
(04) Lava Loca Lava
(05) Run Before The Flood

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