We are still in year 2020. As we soar through Planet C && B, the environment is dark and blue. We came across a black hole, and we see a beam of bright colors peaking through. We were very curious of what it was. Coco puts on the "Ezri Headband to detect a new found city in Planet C && B. Seeking from above while soaring through the black light sky,we look down and see works of art. We take our C && B Eyewear off, and look down again and see nothing. We put the eyewear back on and see asymmetrical buildings, with neon lights beaming out the windows. We see pieces of art just floating from the gravity in the air in this city. Breezy pulls a piece of art from the sky and puts it on her arm. Coco pulls another piece of art from the sky and puts it on her neck. With that being said, Welcome to the city of "Wear-able Art.

Creative Direction by Coco && Breezy

Music by Laron

Hair and Make-Up by Neon Fix

Directed and Edited by LightUp Film

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