This lens is surprisingly sharp... Unfortunately it's not compatible with modern camera mounts.. The current adapters do not do enough to compensate for its unique focusing mechanism. Hence, it's really only useful for an actual Konvas camera.
Still, one can use this very well if treated as an adapter or attachment. The length of the lens is relatively short compared to other anamorphic projection lenses, plus it has large front optics - meaning one can theoretically use wider lenses. Common projection lenses like Sankor, Kowa, Proskars etc need at least 50mm (or 100mm for full frame) even on a 4/3 sensor. So now, you could use a 35mm (because the 35HAC10-3 is a 35mm!), meaning it should be around 70mm for full frame sensor. One can even consider using the Lomo 50 & 75mm primes to complete the look.
One more thing, the lens support attached underneath the anamorphic is not for 15mm rails.
I will be modifying it for use as an adapter.

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