presents: Today at Cinequest - March 2, 2011. Richard von Busack, film critic for Metro Newspapers, covers his best bets for today at Cinequest: "I Am" by Tom Shadyac and "Bardsongs" by Sander Francken. Plus, a short clip of the Smith Brothers interview with filmmaker Jeremy Inman, director of "Super Hero Party Clown." Check back later for daily previews of what's hot at Cinequest and interviews with Cinequest filmmakers, directors and writers.

Hosted by Richard von Busack.
Produced by Tony Smith.
Edited by Brandon Smith.
Music by Boyfriend Academy.
Special thanks to, Cinequest, CreaTV San Jose, Gopher Gold, Luis Costa, Alison Nicole Stewart, Suzanne St. John-Crane, Eric Johnson and Brittany Welby.

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