Greenscreen River on State

A meta-movie by Federico Proietti

Vancouver Island, Canada. In the morning of December 29, 2010 the Goldstream River, suddenly appeared to have e green fluorescent colour.

As is often the case in such circumstances, many videos taken by passers-by and television networks were released on the web as well as on televisions throughout the world.

“The river’s fluorescent green colour associated to video images immediately seemed to me a perfect greenscreen liquid with which to shoot a film in Chroma Key. After choosing an amateur video report of the event on youtube, I projected the TV news of the happening on the river itself. The news inside the news. The result is a meta-movie in which the role of the real protagonists is inverted: the journalist becomes an actor, the reporter becomes a director, and the river becomes a medium which receives the news of itself.”

Duration: 03’30”

STATE is an online exhibition platform curated by Adam Cruces

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