Here is a video of me diagnosing fetal sex using ultrasound. The video has been sped up 4x for convenience.

In this pen, all the cattle I check are 58-64 days carrying calf. I diagnose 9 cows in under 4 ½ minutes. That is roughly 120 cows an hour. I can diagnose a cow and walk to the next cow in under 30 seconds.

This machine lets me check cows twice as fast, with half the effort. It also gives me so much more information than transrectal palpation did.

This video shows me using the Easi-Scan 2 with my monocle optic. Now I have the new Easi-Scan 3 (E3) which is much smaller and only weighs a couple of pounds. The optic has changed to a pair of Oakley sunglasses with a video screen in them. I hardly realize I am wearing my new E3.

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