Video for the new single ‘Endlessly’ by neo-classical/minimal ambient artist Antonymes, taken from the 2011 album The Licence To Interpret Dreams.

In its opening moments, ‘Endlessly’ patiently weaves traces of nature with unearthly, oscillating tones, creating a delicate, pensive atmosphere. Its apex comes halfway through as the gentle tones give way to a strident, emotive piano theme. The accompanying video is a continuation of Antonymes’ stunning explorations into the still and moving image. Hypnotic, minimal and expertly crafted, it is the perfect visual echo of the music.

‘Endlessly’ is taken from 2011 album The Licence To Interpret Dreams. An album of resonant beauty, it is as expansive as the wilds of North Wales from which it came, yet as delicate and intimate as a loved one’s breath upon your skin. Each song deploys a modest array of instruments and textures, giving them ample space to breathe and glow.

‘Endlessly’ is available for free download from the HSR Store, and the accompanying video can be streamed on Hidden Shoal’s channel at Vimeo and YouTube. The Licence To Interpret Dreams is available now through Hidden Shoal.

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