while doing my current backups, I found lots of footage from last year I didn't use yet. Planned to use it as stock footage for filling gaps in some videos.

filmed between June and October.
actually, I finished it 4 months ago but never put it on vimeo. totally forgot it.

slides (real time and timelapse) were done with the Kesslercrane Cineslider (Oracle Controller, Electra drive)

Music by Nouvelle Vague - Killing Moon


thx to
Andi G. (co-shooter)

for all the tech geeks: I think I used all of my gear, no matter which lens or camera. The Moon at the end was captured with the Sony EX1 for example.
most shots were filmed with Canon 7D, 5D, 1D and different lenses

just to clarify: "Chiemgau" is the region I live. It's between Munich and Salzburg in the very south of Bavaria. the shots were done in and around the "Chiemgau". I once wanted to create a 100% Chiemgau-Vid but didn't have the time to complete it. Maybe that is why I didn't upload it earlier...

in the end, it's still my home region :)

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