MILapse presents "Shadows of Sedona" - Music by: Scott August "Quiet Journey"

Here is the best of my timelapse captures from a week long visit to the heart of 'Red Rock Country' - Sedona Arizona. I gave the Dynamic Perception 'Stage One' (collapsible track prototype) some real-world testing on this trip. It traveled via air with me collapsed in my luggage. Upon arriving I assembled 4 sections making a 8' track and broke it down at the end of the trip.

The "Quiet Journey" composition is by accomplished composer Scott August. This solo for Anasazi flute was recorded live. It's interesting to note that this simple cedar instrument was modeled directly from archeological finds and is one of the most challenging to play.

My Equipment Details:
-Canon 5DmkII
-Canon 7D
-Canon 17mm TS-E (big thanks to
-Canon 24-70 L
-Dynamic Perception 'Stage One' (prototype)
-MX2 DollyEngine (.83 firmware - all SMS 'interleave mode')
-Little Bramper
-Induro AKB2(s)
-Aluratek 12V 1.5aH universal lithium batteries
-Post After Effects - Cut in Premiere

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