It all started when I saw a link of Rica Peralejo & Joe Bonifacio's wedding video at facebook. I loved the concept, the song, the effects, & the overall presentation. I then became inspired by Jason Magbanua's creations & dreamed of making one of those videos someday. Later that year, I was given an invitation by a friend for their soon to be wedding. By then, I happen to think that “hey, why can’t I have an experiment for these video projects I wanna make? After all, I have this passion for capturing moments may it be photography or video.

Soon enough, I realized that these presentations could appear better if I have one of the best yet affordable gadgets in town. So I decided to purchase an entry-level DSLR camera and chose the Canon KissX4 / 550D Model. At first, I wasn’t very familiar with the different settings of the camera but with some web research & help of my professional friends, namely Errol & Arbhen, I learned a lot.

This video was only a one-man job. I thought I couldn’t produce it but fortunately I did. Some of my friends would say I couldn’t make videos same with Jason Magbanua because it would need high-end gears and two to three professionals to capture such scenes. Indeed it’s true. So pls. just bear w/ this video if it isn’t good enough because I'm still a newbie.. and remember, it was just my DSLR w/ kit lens, my hands, & my low-end laptop that were used in making this project. No lights, lens, flashes, stands, tripod and other equipments.

Credits to:

Don & Eenah - being my first models for my hobby. You gave me an opportunity to practice my passion. I’m grateful for your appreciation ;)

Arbhen - for the choreography during the pre-nup & the wedding pictorials. I learned a lot from you.

Errol - for all the tutorials both from the internet & during our chatting.

Jason Magbanua - for the inspiration of your magnificent creations.

Enjoy! ^_^

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