Ziad has taken his inspiration from the horror video game “Silent Hill” and the work of painter John-Henry Fuseli. Individual’s perceive others by their appearance and surroundings and naturally form contrasting opinions on the same situation. The same garment viewed in a dark, gothic context by one viewer will be interpreted as romantic and liberating by the next. Ziad’s ability to push the viewer’s preconceived ideas will once again prove to be one of the most talked about presentations of the season.

Using traditional haute couture skills and techniques in fabric weaving, Ziad has been able to eliminate seams, create dramatic draping and work with an extreme bias cut. Sourcing vintage silk chiffon, duchess satin and Moroccan crepe from old couture mills and using their natural flow to fit the body and create new forms and shapes.

London’s “cult couturier” has once again assembled a collection of models and performers that will reflect the parallel universe that exists around each and every one of us

Ziad Ghanem would like to welcome you to the “Red Carpet on Elm Street”.

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