Today I Saw Kilgore Trout - Shane Bordoli; music by Seymour Klearly. Footage of Kurt Vonnegut liberally liberated from Youtube.

Today I Saw Kilgore Trout.

Today I saw Kilgore Trout
Italian opera blasting from my car on a sunny morn,
My roots were stirred, I felt reborn,
An old bum stood across the way in a dead industrial estate
A moment I will remember; a brass rubbing of my fate

Today I saw Kilgore Trout
At first I thought he was in trouble, his bags spilled across the floor
But the I see he is resting, enjoying what's appearing to his mind
His wiry tentacles sprouting from his head communicating with god
We acknowledge each other with a nod

Today I saw Kilgore Trout
Across the streams of morbid fucks ploughing their way
Black holes of unhappiness working to make their lives bleaker
But I feel joy communing with this raggedy unknown
He has no place in this world, an unseen rainbow on his throne

Today I saw Kilgore Trout
He is telling me emptiness is form, form emptiness
Extricate thyself from self, don't inverse them morals to your wealth
Life is light through the prism of you soul, we're the blue in the sky
There's no substance to them clouds, they disintegrate as they pass us by

Today I saw Kilgore Trout

A poem based on the Kurt Vonnegut Character called Kilgore Trout. I love Kilgore and see him often on my travels, yet he always looks different, lately he's been an over weight Indian guy who sits on a bench by the side of the road when I'm on my way to work in the mornings

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