Along with the more famous Abraham Darby he was responsible for building the first iron bridge in the world.

This sequence is taken from a truly memorable
2hr 45min double dvd "Bittern Country Our Heritage". It tells of the beauty, heritage and culture of a largely unknown area of England, which includes the Arnside/Silverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, on the coast of Morecambe Bay and the edge of the Lake District in the North West of England.

The video took two years to make by award winning amateur heritage videographer Chris Abram. He researched, scripted, filmed, edited and produced it as part of his value for money "Our Heritage" series of dvd's.

It is Chris's aim to try and capture as much of our proud, rich heritage before it all disappears under external influences and beaurocracy, and which are both threatening to do away with our christianity based culture, morals and laws forever. We must never let that happen.

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