What is the currency of community? And how is it used to achieve food justice? This is what we work to answer on a daily basis. At home&community, inc, we started the OriginalGreen project recognizing that our clients have always done some recycling and been eco-conscious – out of necessity. But more work was needed to institute the sustainable practice that would bring more long-term improvements to their health.

We’ve found that sustainable practice is supported through community connections where neighbors can talk about ways to grow and share food, or introduce eco-friendly changes in their homes, or the practical ways they reduce household costs.

We’re ready to work with residents at our urban farms. We believe we can increase the currency of community. We can increase meaningful participation in community improvement. We can provide low-income residents in South Los Angeles with resources and skills to improve their health and the health of their neighborhoods. When residents have ownership over feeding the community, promoting healthy lifestyle changes, and sharing and determining their own currency of community, the effort becomes self-sustaining.


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