A film by Anne-Marie Sweeney produced for Keep Our NHS Public and Health Emergency.

Dr John Lister blows away the slick marketing of the government’s plans for the NHS. His witty speech reveals their true intent – to fragment and privatise the health service.

Peppered with jokes and cartoons from the likes of Steve Bell, the film is an easily understood and amusing explanation of how the NHS, as we now know it, will be demolished, if these plans succeed.

John Lister shows us why the plans, at urgent risk of slipping through in a fog of jargon and promotional spin, will be disastrous for NHS patients and staff.

If you care about your health service and want to know what is in store for it, then watch this video and pass the link on to friends, family and colleagues NOW!

A film by Anne-Marie Sweeney, produced for Keep Our NHS Public keepournhspublic.com and for Health Emergency healthemergency.org.uk

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