Date: Wednesday, January 19
Time: Doors at 7:00 PM, first speaker at 7:30 PM
Place: Blu Jazz, 11 Bali Lane (Entrance on Ophir Road)

BlinkBl_nk Talk 2: Spirituality in the Arts

Description: One day Kandinsky saw one of his paintings hanging upside down and he was surprised to find out that it still was pleasant to look at. Art history tells us that this hwas the day when he invented abstract art. In front of abstract art, the eye is not busy deciphering a representation of reality. And still, shapes on a painting can trigger emotions. Kandinsky made attempts at rationalizing the power of shapes and colors. He researched correspondances with music scales. Ultimately he was trying to define a syntax to better represent spirituality. In this talk, Thibaut Camdessus will look at some masterpieces of 20th century abstract art in an attempt to show how they can be a powerfull conduit to meditation.

Speaker Bio: Thibaut is the founder and managing director of UrbanMedia Studio, a boutique digital agency based in Singapore. Prior to setting up UrbanMedia, Thibaut held key positions in publishing companies where he envisioned award-winning and successful new products and online strategies with a focus on consumer technology. Thibaut graduated in Film and Television production from ESRA (Paris) and was awarded the prestigious Citere Grant from the French Government to conduct post-graduate research in international study of new media technologies.

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