Eibe - Wound Bed Indication, Dead Spots, and Search Pattern Training Line 3/02/2011
After a successful weekend at the North Carolina VSwP I am continuing to train in anticipation of the Deer Search Competition coming up in April. The purpose of this Training exercise was to work on wound bed indication, dead spots, and efficient search patterns. Additionally I was looking to reassure myself that Eibe's problem of ignoring artificial blood scent and looking for a real wounded deer "scent picture" was gone. The line consisted of the following:
1. 1000 meter blood line was laid out in CRP field using about 7 ounces of blood.
2. 6 @ 12 inch diameter wound beds with a clump of bloody hair in the center
3. 2 @ offset "Dead Spots" were created. 1 @ 30m and 1 @ 20m in length.
4. A little extra blood was squirted at corners.
The video is long, 48 minutes, but with all the wound beds, turns and dead spots there is pretty much some type of training technique being demonstrated every few minutes. The highlights of the exercise are as follows:
1. It is obvious right from the start that Eibe is now having no problem tracking just blood.
2. Wound bed indication improved as the exercise progressed.
3. I confirmed a suspicion I had that Eibe will attempt to use human track scent to advance the line when no blood scent is present.(I began to believe this during my parking lot training exercise) At the 30m offset dead spot she followed my bloodless path 25m past the last blood until she turned around and began to search. At all the turns, where of course I turned, that she overshot, she went straight 10m or less before beginning the check. At the 20m dead spot I made a turn when I laid it and when Eibe got to the beginning of the dead spot she made the bloodless turn exactly as I had done. She slowed down in the void and was obviously looking for blood but clearly was following my scent. When she hit the blood again at 20m she kicked back in to a faster speed. It was obvious that she was looking for blood but using my path to get there. As I mention in the video, I do not think this will be a problem in testing or in real life tracking. Actually, it might even be a help in taking a test.
4. Eibe's performance on the overall exercise was great but it clearly showed my future training needs to emphasize ingraining efficient search patterns.

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