What can I say about this...? I got hooked on yet another DJ Mashup creation and I jumped at the challenge of putting some visuals to it. I could have obsessed about some of the effects a bit more, but my job saps a lot of time from me, and I didn't want to wait any longer to post it up. Hope you like it.

It's in HD 720 too, so check it out!

So, the story behind how this thing happened. It started with a google search. I love mashups and was looking for some new stuff to put on my iphone, so I did a search for 'best mashup djs'...and I found a young dj from Delaware who goes by the name Mashup DJ, just cause his name matched the keywords in my search.

I downloaded his stuff and would listen to it when I was out running. The first track that I fell in love with was his mashup with Nirvana and Taylor, Smells like Taylor Swift, so I made a video for that. It was received well and was very gratifying to make, so I was inspired to do more. I found myself replaying this 'alejandro's song' on my iphone, it was catchy and I just really liked it. I knew nothing of Taylor Swift or her music, but I had liked Alejandro since it came out. In fact, aside from being aware of these two due to their pop icon status, I really wasn't a 'fan' per say. They are both amazing and talented however, and they've won me over.

So I got curious to hear what that original Taylor song was like, Our Song. When I saw the video for it, and heard the banjo, and the country flavor and how it was significantly slower and a totally different vibe than the version i had gotten used to, I began to conceptualize some of the possibilities of mixing together such an all-american wholesome type girl, with the flamboyant and in your face Gaga. When I revisited the Alejandro video, there was no doubt in my mind that these two vastly different worlds needed to cosmically be jammed together.

While surfing for HD source footage, I found a live version Taylor did of Our Song at the Country Music Awards, where for stretches of the first part of the song, she was singing in front of a bright red backdrop. I thought I could use that as a make shift green screen, so I tried it out and that became the shot that starts at 0:36 seconds into the video. After that, the ball was rolling, and I just had fun with selecting whatever shots and sequences I found compelling or thought might work well.

The lip syncing aspect of it has always been something I've been fond of. Probably goes back to my days as a traditional animator at UCLA, but pretty much in every video I've made on here, I've tried to make someone sing something that they aren't actually singing. To be honest, half of it just comes from the fact that I was listening to this song on repeat while surfing through all the footage, and every now and again, the mouths would sync up, randomly. The first one that I noticed by sheer chance was Taylor singing the word 'Alejandro' at 2:01. That was the one that made me smile, and from there, the challenge was on to fill out the rest.

Anyway, I'm glad so many people have enjoyed it, I wonder if Taylor and Gaga will see it ever?

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