Well, I am quite proud of this video! Except for the ending which is really gay! This video has been 3 weeks in the making. The longest time I have ever spent working on a video!? As i think the previous record was for Hot&Dangerous which was 2weeks.
I got the idea for this video when i was looking for a song which reflected the Home & Away chemical storyline between Xavier & April. I was looking through the Pretty Reckless and listened to this song and thought how great it would look for Natasha as it really shows all her emotion I think towards the whole ANDREW CHEATING storyline. I think it was a very good find, so thats why i've tried to put sooo much effort into getting all the beats on this video! While giving you a break throughout the video without hardly and flashing or quick moving clips.
For all you UK fans out there! Don't worry! Tash doesn't kill Andrew as much as she probably wants to! I got those scenes from CSI & City Homicide episodes as there was no real Neighbours clips for those lyrics. (:

I am really sorry that it has taken me so long to make this or upload any other video for that matter. Just been so busy with school and everything that its getting really hard to make a video every few weeks. Unless they are like vidlets!

This video basically just follows the story of Natasha (in the show) but for the people who watch it you know that i have made up some of this stuff that has happened to her! Like for example she may have been upset that Andrew cheated on her with Summer but I don't think she would be thinking in that way of burying him underground. Surely not! But i guess even if the writers wanted to do that they probably couldn't in a 6:30 timeslot. Basically Andrew tore Tash's heart apart and then trying to get her revenge by burying him underground and for awhile that gives her the satisfaction for awhile. But then she gets tormented by his ghost! She then see's what she believes is Andrew but its really his ghost destroying Ramsay St and she chases after him but then he leaves the street and she remembers that she buried him and that she is losing her mind so she trys to go and see a doctor to see if he can save her from all these visions that he's still alive and haunting her. But the doctors says no that he can't help her and that he's sorry. So Tash continues to see Andrew's ghost wherever she goes! She then notices that she misses him terribly and that he was infact the love of her life. So she runs into a burning house to commit suicide. But her dad knew what she was upto so he went to the house as fast as he could and try and save her before it was too late! This is all part of Natasha going down after killing Andrew and her life has officially crumbled into a complete mess!!! Thats basically the summary of whats going on in this video. but follow the lyrics i'm sure you'll get it. even if you don't watch neighbours.

You guys know how i normally don't try anything knew? This time i am talking a leaf out of Kraina's book and actually doing something different. If you have noticed, there is alot more motion blur to the preview as i'm sorta just testing it out to see if it works better as JoJo said it look way better than it did in the preview. Also for some of the beats where i couldn't be bothered changing the clip i used the Sepia tool and just changed the colour where the beat was and yes there were new transitions as well if you can tell but i don't think you can cuz they go buy just so fasttt!!!! :) I hope you guys like the speed of this video. Theres so many beats it was hard to get all of them but i did try to get the majority of them xD
my manips in this video suck so much. really sorry about that guys. now you know why i hate manipping. hahaha!

Just want to thank you all for constant support! It means the world to me that you love my videos enough to comment, rate, fave, subscribe. You all are amazing and I love each and every one of you so extremely muchh!:)

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