Recommendations of top 3 books, top 3 sites, top 3 persons and more on the Nameless @ Princeton. Can you juggle groups, rings, fields, clubs & Rubik’s cubes? Meet the person who can – Shotaro Makisumi’12.

Macky set 7 world records, was featured in documentaries, won the majority of international competitions during 2004-2006. Now he is still contributing to the community with his popular site One of his trademarks - juggling two apples with the right hand while solving Rubik's cube with the left.

Top 3 Books (from here on, the first 3 items are by Macky, the last - by Arman):
- “Gunnerkrigg Court”, Tom Siddell, webcomic at
- “Structure and Randomness: Pages from Year One of a Mathematical Blog”, Terence Tao
- “The Princeton Companion to Mathematics”, Timothy Gowers
- “The book of Understanding”, Osho
- “Hackers & Painters: big ideas from the computer age”, Paul Graham
- “Understanding Basic Japanese Grammar”, Nishiguchi Koichi

Top 3 sites
- – ideas worth spreading from world’s most inspiring thinkers
- – collaborative blog, online community of mathematicians
- – wiki catalog for writing fiction
- - astonishing non-linear presentations
- - discovering events & social activities where users share the most interesting things on their calendars
- - personal travel advice and insider tips from the local experts

Top 3 people
- Terence Tao, mathematician, Fields Medal recipient (2006), professor at UCLA
- Josh Marshall, journalist, founder of the blog on politics
- Feliks Zemdegs, Australian Rubik’s cube speedsolver, Youtube channel:
- Donnie Yen, Hong Kong-based martial arts movie star (Iron Monkey, Flash Point, Ip Man)
- Osho, the most disruptive spiritual teacher of the XX century
- Tony Robbins, success coach (‘Unlimited Power’, ‘Awaken the Giant within’)

Top 3 Movies:
- “The Lord of the Rings” film trilogy, fantasy adventure directed by Peter Jackson
- “Pan's Labyrinth”, Spanish-language fantasy directed by Guillermo del Toro
- “The Conversation”, thriller written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola
- “Up in the Air”, drama starring George Clooney
- “City Hunter”, comedy starring Jackie Chan
- “The Adjustment Bureau”, thriller starring Matt Damon

Top 3 places (Macky)
- France
- Barcelona, Spain
- Rotterdam, Netherlands

Guest of the show: Shotaro Makisumi (
Author, editor and host: Arman Suleimenov (

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