A special museum impressive sculptures under the sea will open in Cancun in late 2010.
It is 400 sculptures, exact copies of the coastal inhabitants of the cities of Cancun and Isla Mujeres. The author of the exhibition, including British artist and sculptor Jason Taylor De Caries , got in his work an almost photographic likeness, according to witnesses, the sculptures have the same height as the people who copy and "lifelike."
Jason De Caries Taylor began creating his statement last November, when placed on the bottom of the sea in Cancun his first three sculptures. The project is carried out purely by donations from the people and local companies. The first 100 figures cost him about $ 350,000 to the sculptor.
'The silent evolution'
The exhibition, located at a shallow (about 9 meters), is "quiet evolution" ("The Silent Evolution ') and pursues the noble goal of preserving nature, restore the ecosystem destruction suffered by divers.
The word 'evolution' is used not by chance: the basic material with which the sculptures are constructed of concrete, which has the same rate of pH than seawater. This factor, together with the porous surface of the figures, gives an ideal environment for marine creatures such as, polyps that have a skeleton of lime, jellyfish or sea anemones. Thus, the exhibition will become a fascinating and will be very similar to corals.
Jason hopes that nature definitely develop his work and 'The silent evolution' is not only a sculpture park, but also a good substitute for coral reefs because they keep this unique phenomenon of nature and at the same time, increase tourist flow in the area. oc.

Gerhard Eckle plays Schubert frag/ Klavierstück D946 Nr1

Gerhard Eckle (* November 23 1935 in Leutkirch im Allgäu ) is a German pianist , school musician and astrologer .
Gerhard Eckle comes from a musical family of teachers. Piano studies with Robert-Alexander Bohnke , after graduating from high school in the Russian pianist Valentin Rybing at the Baden School of Music and Jürgen Uhde at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart, music theory students at the Pfitzner Gerhard Frommel .
Gerhard Eckle is a pianist known internationally for his interpretation of the Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky .
As an astrologer critical examination of astrology . His basic knowledge he has in his book "Symmetry aspects of the world - guide to the study of general and personal future," shown.


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