2009-05-15 Journal, Mayan day 1 Kan/Seed or Lizard

♥ Transcript - scribd.com/doc/50145459

Written Part:
I am seeing. I am the seeing. I am not the seen, nor the seer; I contain these, but I am the seeing.

I pretend not to know, not to be or have access to the fullness that I am; but it is only pretend. I am the fullness that I am. I am wisdom in action where I am.

I am all powerful. I am choice in action here and now, where I am. I am who I am...in spite of anything the mind might think. It is what it is. I am what I am. I am that I am.

That I am that I am contains all life. I contain all Cosmos, I am the Void. There is no I am that I am not. I contain all that is...but I am not that.

I am the choice of the perspective I experience in any Now. Being all that is, and all that is not., i.e., the Void, I have infinite choice of perspective from which to view. I am the viewing. I am the seeing.

I am not this body; I contain the body...and all other bodies. I am the earth...and all other planets, all suns, galaxies, all that is. All of this is contained within the I am that I am. It is contained within the body, but it is not the body, I am not the body. The body is a point of focus in 3D. All other points in 3D are likewise available as points of focus...for I contain them all.

I am not them; I contain them. I am pure being. I am seeing, watching, witnessing all that is and is not.

Love is, I am. Love is the sea of being that I am, that contains, interpenetrates the All That Is. Love is the ground of being, of Being. All is Love, all is Love and manifestations, manifest-actions of Love, as Love, in Love, for Love...

This Love is un-understandable, un-touchable with mind or words. One does not know Love, one IS Love. Be Love, be Love in action, in manifest-action wherever you are, wherever I am; wherever consciousness chooses to focus.

Attention, alertness, these are the key. I am attention, itself--if it could be said to have a self, to be a self--I am alert attention, the space in which all is, occurs, and has its being. I am the Now. According to ET, "That alertness is the key. It is the unconditioned. It is consciousness itself." Distributed by Tubemogul.

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