In this film I have continued to experiment filming through the viewfinder of an SLR camera, utilising the uneven and undefined black frame it produces and the ability to manually change the focus of the image. Inspired by Japanese artist Takashi Ito’s films I alternated between different sequences of footage, frame by frame. When played back at normal speed, the alternating frames give the impression that the images were overlayed, because of this I played around with pairing up similar looking footage. When shooting the film I intentionally re-recorded parts of it out of focus to pair together with the in-focus footage. As well as this I also looked for similar shapes and movements I could put together. Likewise, the sound which is all taken from the film recording, has been cut up and distorted in similar fashion.


Millington | Marriott present OPEN
New Gallery, London
15.08.11 – 21.08.11

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