This is my latest modeling reel in HD
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Land Of The Lost
Rhythm and Hues – 2008

Concept Sculpts – Topology reconstruction for animation
Compognatus – small green dinosaur

High frequency detailing, custom alpha creation and Textures:
Deinonicus – Dark colored Velociraptor looking dinosaur

Programs used
Maya – Zbrush – Photoshop – Bodypaint

Personal concept
Videogame model – Dominance War IV entry
9800 tris all included
obtained by resurfacing of High density digital sculpture

Programs used
Maya – Zbrush – Photoshop – Bodypaint

Personal interpretation of the famous Lovecraftian deity
Features in the upcoming Essence Creatures – Ballistic publishing
Animation ready mesh – Production type density

Programs used
Maya – Zbrush – Photoshop – Draster Nex

Massmarket – Psyop
Airforce Commercials
Digital double creation to be photo realistically integrated in previously shot sequence, made using photo reference of the real paratrooper (hence the odd body proportions)
Background elements :
Sculpted and textured giant trees in the forest scene
Sculpted photo real mid ground rocks that had to match the provided concept design and the ones on shot for the desert scene

Programs used
Maya – Zbrush – Photoshop

Orbit Mist Commercial
Modeled and textured the digital seal (in a week....that was tough!)

Programs used
Maya – Zbrush – Photoshop Draster NEX-

Peugeot Commercial
Model and UV maps for the car used in filler shots and in the far away turntable one, Cad data set used in this instance

Programs used
Maya – Zbrush – Draster NEX

Disney – Small World
I helped in the concept development and modeled the ship

Programs used

Forest Giant
Early personal project – featured in the “Gnomon DVDs – RIGGING” series by Carlo Sansonetti

Programs used
Maya – Zbrush 2.0 – Mudbox – Zbrush 3.0 – Paraform - Photoshop

Aztec Witch
Anther early personal project I am quite fond of

Maya – Zbrush – Photoshop - Draster NEX

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