Reformation 1.0 feat. Phillipa Marie

'A Fashion Performance Music Video'

A fashion music video made by me as part of a series of project titled 'Reformat'. The music is made to be slightly off beat but still accompanied by a continuous unstructured-minimal-melody to create confusion and the need for rearrangement. It begun as a university project which involves multiple art forms and genres; photography, fashion design, installations, video, music, fashion performance and etc. The aim of this project is for me to challenge, explore and experiment with environments, situations, contents, textures, emotions, possibilities, put myself out of comfort zone and think outside of the [box].

10 photographs was taken during the process. A white cubicle was built with fabric against a vandalized background (To create contrast; pure vs impure, consciousness of the space and environment). The model will splash 5 different colors of paint all over and strike poses for 9 pictures at the same time; destruction. After destruction is recreation, the last stage is for me to make a dress out of the painted fabric and the model will wear it for the final 10th photograph. This also involves the awareness of recycling.

[Create, Destroy, Re-create, Reinterpretation]

[Reformation 1.0]
Model: Phillipa Marie
Photographer: Eden Cai
Music video directed and edited by Eden Cai
Music written and produced by Eden Cai

The 10 images can be seen at

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