I’ve always been keen to explore new ways of photography, this time I would merge the world of photography with the art of video, to create a time lapse of the city. Producing video is really an unknown territory for me, and has been a complete learning curve. Of course, if I ever make another time lapse movie, then I should have a better understanding of all the proceeders.

The music was composed, performed and produced by Jonathan Overend for drumhellermusic, copyright control 2011. This is an edit of a track from his soundtrack album, The Man Who Knew Too Much. Further info at: soundcloud.com/manwhoknewtoomuch (Geek note: the live keyboard is a Pianotron, recorded at Pioneer Studios Colchester, one of only three such known machines in the UK)

A few technical facts.
Film shot on a Olympus EP-1 Mirco 4/3rds camera.
Over 10000 photographs used. Edited in Adobe Lightroom and then joined together using Quicktime 7 Pro.
Film edited in Final Cut Express and graded with Magic Bullet.

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