This coming Friday, March 11th, Jakob Battick & Friends and Panda Bandits are playing for absolutely free at Slainte in Portland, ME. This will be the official release show for JB&F's latest release, 'Bloodworm Songs', and also the last JB&F show for at least half a year (For a number of reasons.) Ironically, this show will be the triumphant return of the Panda Bandits after a fair-sized silence from the group. There are murmurs of a collaborative John Cale cover floating around between the bands, something from the man's early solo career circa his incredible 'Fear' album.

The main audio track here is a chopped up preview of the track 'My Second Bloodworm Song (Fed Through Isinglass)' (From BLOODWORM SONGS) and snippets from an audiobook version of Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment (Read by Alex Jennings.)

Some Pre-release praise for BLOODWORM SONGS:

"...Jakob Battick & Friends finally return with their very unique take on contemporary folk music, once again turning classic tropes of 20th century Americana into haunted and eerie pieces of forward-looking yet history-informed “nightmarefolk”."

-Henning Lahmann, NOFEAROFPOP (Berlin)

"Battick and Friends have tread into some new ground here - while retaining the organic, ethereal vibe that is like a hallmark of the band, sound-bite fragments and a rolling, wave-like presence throughout create an eerier atmosphere than usual, particularly on "My Second Bloodworm Song" which is surely the most harrowing track they've put out yet."

-Marilyn Roxie, A Future In Noise (California)

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