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Current demoreel for 2011


1. Thesis Film Clip:
Two-minute animated short, all elements produced during senior year.

2. Thesis Turntable
3D Thesis render turnaround with withframe

3. Push/Pull Natural
15 sec animation demonstrating force and weight

4. Push/Pull Turnaround
3D Thesis render turnaround with wireframe

5. Push/Pull Exaggerated
15 sec animation demonstrating force and weight in a exaggerated way

6. ABC's With Hieu
Animated two characters in one scene for LipSync. Muppet rig was provided by Hieu Nguyen

7. Caritature Turnaround
3D model render with wireframe

8. Emotions Exercise
Character goes through a series of emotions to test rigging and textures

9. Thesis Film Clip 2
Continuation of the two-minute animated short

All story, visual design, animation, modeling, and lighting done in Autodesk Maya 2009-2011; all texturing done in Adobe Photoshop CS4 & CS5 and Corel Painter 2011, by me, unless otherwise specified. Composited and Rendered using AfterEffects, Nuke, and Renderman.

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