This is a journey in music & cinema. The intention is to present a short segment as if it were excerpted from a larger work.

Here's what happened the day before:

I composed and recorded the music during February, 2011. The piano and accordion I performed/recorded on acoustic instruments, with Digital Performer. The voice-over & orchestral sounds I recorded via Logic Studio and the Garritan Professional Orchestra.

I shot the video over Christmas weekend, 2010, Canon 7D, Zacuto Z-Finder, EF 50mm, EFS 17-85mm, Manfrotto fluid head tripod.

Filmed in Ronda & Sevilla, Spain. My great new friends Tony Bishop and Eva Bratek drove me all over southeast Andalucía, and enabled me to get the lovely shots in Ronda - thank you forever!

POETRY: Federico García Lorca, from "El poeta pide a su amor que le escriba"

Final Cut Pro
Caleb Vinson & I edited this monster: thank you so much pal, you are a my right hand man.

I hope you enjoy the journey.

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