Produced and directed by Thierry Loa (Dr. Hello). The main objective was to create an experiential ad to give viewers a sense of comfort and warmth through a brand experience. With a dream-like camera motion, we move around in a house, seeing a family keeping warm and cozy on a cold Winter night. Part of the tasks given to Thierry as director was to design the house, in as much detail and accuracy as possible, to make it looked 'lived-in'.

Storyboards -
Production Photos -
CGI Work -

Produced and Directed by Thierry Loa | Creative by Syd Kessler, Jeffrey Gottheil, Thierry Loa | Music Producer by Syd Kessler | Broadcast Producer by Tamir Moscovici | Co-producer by Jorge Weisz | Project Manager by Jacob Kessler | Singing Performance by Leon Redbone & Emily Dragoman

Ad Agency: J. Gottheil Marketing Communications Inc | Picture Production: HelloHello!! | Sound Production: Deschamps Studios

A HelloHello!! Picture Production.

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