The challenge:
Turning Jägermeister, a youthful party generation’s „out-of-home“ beverage of choice, into a drink favored by a more mature and homely audience.

The solution:
If the target audience won’t come to Jägermeister, Jägermeister must come to the target audience. Enter: the Jägermeister Hausbesuch!
Jägermeister went on a search for true stories, and the quirkiest, funniest and most touching stories were in it to win it – a Jägermeister house call. The winners got to show off their house partying skills, actively aided by a Jägermeister bartender and lots of JÄGER On Ice. The moderated event was filmed by a Jägermeister camera crew and then turned into entertaining clips that showed the target audience at their best: at home with friends. The clips were uploaded to the Jägermeister YouTube channel as well as the campaign website for everyone to watch, subtly spreading the campaign message.
Digital marketing led the way in a cross-media concept, whose micro site, banner, YouTube channel, Twitter channel, web trailer, TV spot and promotion had set themselves one singular goal: Finding real people and real stories, partying with them in their own homes and by doing so literally establishing Jägermeister as a household name.

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